About Us:

Find Security Guard is fully certified/insured by law enforcement officers. We provide trained uniformed security guards, to be had armed and unarmed, 24 hours a day, 7 days week. All of our security guards are certified crowd managers. We contain the strictest standards of accountability and control oversight for the duration of our chain of command; and we apply the most advanced technology and logistical methods to our operations. Our Security guards are placed through rigorous, intensive education (trained) distinct for every post assigned. They are uniformed in offering police style uniforms or uniforms which can be requested by person.

  • Law Enforcement Instructor Certification

  • Corrections Certification

  • Security Instructor Certifications

  • Wild Land Fire Fighter Certification

  • Interview and Interrogations Certification

  • Graduate Level Courses in Public Administration and Management

  • Certified Crowd Manager Certification

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